Red River Massage Therapy  
133 Main Ave. West, Suite 207
West Fargo, ND 58078

(701) 492-8039

About Us

Red River Massage Therapy has been serving people of the Fargo/Moorhead and surrounding areas since 2000.

Cathy Lukenbach moved to Fargo in 2006. She graduated with a two year massage therapy degree in Williston, North Dakota. She is state and nationally licensed as a massage therapist. Her specialties lie in medical massage, relaxation, and deep tissue massage.

Company History

Red River Massage Therapy was originally started by Jane Halvorson in 2000. At the time Jane had been working with two chiropractors, at The Clinic, for a couple of years and decided to venture out on her own. The name was picked and a new location was found and this brand new massage business was formed. Red River Massage Therapy located at 133 Main Ave West, West Fargo. Many of Jane's clients followed her as there was a real relationship developed between Jane and the clients she served. Jane also taught at Sister Rosalind's School of Professional Massage while the business was getting up on its feet. Jane and Deb, her business partner and accountant, did a fantastic job of getting Red River Massage Therapy serving others. Through the years, Jane hired other therapists to work with her including Sandy Moch, Jill Hovda, and Teresa Tesky.

In January of 2004, Jane decided to turn the business over to Teresa and continue on a different adventure. Teresa was very excited to take on this new task. She was also in the process of getting a degree in University Studies from North Dakota State University. Through that experience she learned of many different ways to better serve people through massage therapy. First and foremost, she found more ways for more people to enjoy the benefits of massage by offering services at a discounted price for senior citizen's (62+) and for students.

In August of 2009, Teresa turned the business over to Cathy to pursue a different adventure. Cathy was excited to take over the company.